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New space.
New chances.

Space applications and technologies have become an integral part of our daily lives. They are an indispensable tool for science, global economy, politics and the modern industrial and infor­mation society, especially with regard to Industry 4.0 and Big Data.

New Space is the true commercialization of space: A movement that was triggered by drastically decreasing launch costs and the pragmatic use of cost-effective standard products and new business models that rely on space-base infrastructures.

eightyLEO is a German start-up in the field of New Space. eightyLEO is driving disruptive innovations in the 300 billion USD-strong market for satellite and space-based applications. The mission of the company is reflected by a comprehensive approach which is organised around the following key topics: constellation – capital – consulting – communication.


eightyLEO is aiming to become the global network, data management and application company driving “digitalization and business transformation from space” in the global industrial market for the Internet of Things. With this approach, we are targeting the “other 50 billion”… and more devices that are estimated to become internet-ready in the next years. Our customer base covers all industry verticals, such as: automotive, transportation & logistics, mining & construction, agriculture, mechanical & plant engineering, infrastructure, etc.

Key to success will be an iterative process to find the right balance between leading-edge technologies and reliable, cost-efficient solutions. As well as the right balance between a state-of-the-art system architecture and true customer needs – which will be identified in joint use case studies with relevant market players.

New space. High goals.

Global connectivity Design, build and operate the LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellite infrastructure to enable real-time, broadband internet access for B2B applications in the worldwide Internet of Things – everywhere, anytime.
Data sovereignty Generate and analyze the data to offer business customers valuable insights to improve their businesses and processes. Our customers remain the owner of their data and utmost data security is our paradigm.
Internet of Things Develop game-changing, real-time applications for the industrial Internet of Things by smartly merging space-based and non space-based data sources. This enables our B2B clients to strengthen the relationships with their customers, bringing them closer together than ever before.
New Space Provide reliable services based on a cost-ef cient infrastructure that is maintained by applying the best New Space principles to the design, manufacturing, launch and operation of space-based and ground infrastructure.


eightyLEO is currently developing a buy-and-build platform – called NEWSPACE CO – together with our partners and investors. The objective is to establish a New Space industry and services corporation through strategic/financial participation and integration of growth-oriented New Space companies. They all face the challenge of mastering: commercialization, industrialization and internationalization.

For our client base, NEWSPACE CO will be focussing on companies which have an established business model, products & services as well as technologies and sales pipelines. The targeted companies require risk-oriented growth capital situated between venture capital and traditional private equity funding.


eightyLEO is offering consulting services based on the skills and expertise of its team and extended network to support its clients – established and new companies – in mastering the challenges and leveraging the opportunities that New Space offers. The professional service portfolio ranges from strategy consulting, operational excellence as well as business transformation, change management, marketing and communication to project management and execution support.


Under the White Rocket brand, eightyLEO and its partner, brand design agency Vince & Vert, are enthusiastic about building and strengthening the global and European New Space community.

White Rocket deals with every aspect of New Space, from disruptive innovations to digital transformation in the aerospace industry and its various user industries. White Rocket is the place to be: where the Silicon Valley meets Europe, where traditional space meets New Space, where today’s reality meets revolutionary ideas – and where new business opportunities are born.

New space.
Experienced crew.

The eightyLEO executive team comprises industry veterans with long-standing expertise in the aerospace, defense and security industry, as leaders and strategy consultants in all kind of industry settings: From startup and mid-sized family-owned businesses to large international corporations and top-tierconsulting firms.
Matthias Spott
CEO and Founder
Matthias has more than 18 years professional experience in various leadership and consulting roles in large international corporations and mid-sized companies. Prior to launching eightyLEO in early 2015, he was co-CEO of an aeronautics, space and infocom services company.
Michael Oxfort
Michael joined our team in the beginning of 2016. Among others, he has worked in leading positions at Blackbridge/RapidEye, one of the first commercial small satellite constellations originated in Germany. Michael brings his more than 23 years of professional engineering and leadership expertise into our team.
We are currently recruiting our new CFO.